Food & Business Scene: restaurant take-out updates, local companies with creative ideas, who is hiring

By Suzanne Corbett, Food/Travel Editor

Cardinal Nation is hungry for action– at the ballpark and at the table. We are all craving interaction and the satisfaction of sharing meals and activities with family and friends at our favorite eateries. Covid-19 has changed that. No one knows how long the precautions and restrictions will last, but the day will come when we all will be able to enjoy hot dogs and nachos at the ballpark along with gathering around the tables our favorite cooks and chefs provide.

Until that time comes, The National Restaurant Association and the James Beard Foundation is encouraging anyone who can, to buy and donate.

Looking for a sweet treat in Jefferson County?  Curbside pick is available at  D’s Frozen Treats in Festus and The Donut Hole and Rich’s Frozen Custard in Crystal City.

EckertsEckert’s Meal Kits

Eckert’s in Belleville is doing Meal Kits. All of these meal kits can be purchased online and brought out to your car through our Curb-Side Grocery Pick-Up Service. Among the meal kits offered, The Chili and Fajitas Meal Kits, and the Date Night In Kit, which includes two strip steaks, baking potatoes and a bottle of wine.

cookiesEckerts is also doing a DIY Easter Cupcake or Cookie  Decorating Kits. Check out their website for more information.

LoRusso’s Sunday Dinner

LoRusso’s Nanna’s Sunday Chicken Dinner. A pop up Sunday special, featuring Rosemary Roasted Chicken. Orders in advance or walk-in/carry-outs available while they last.

Butler PantryCarry-outs  for Easter and Passover:

Butler’s Pantry has created an Easter Brunch for  curbside or delivery. Best yet, Butler’s Pantry’s Easter Brunch  menu is completely customizable.

Protzels SederProtzel’s Deli and Straub’s are offering carryout curbside service to help fill your Passover table.  Each offers a variety of traditional  Passover foods. Check their websites for menus and ordering.

Garden CafeGary Schoenberger, owner with his wife Mandy of Webster Groves Garden Cafe have made the decision to close and have taken the unique road of setting up a Go-Fund-Me Page in hopes of raising enough revenue to be able to re-open.

Bill Kunz, the owner of Highwy 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen also took the unfortunate step to close the restaurant during this time.

“It didn’t make financial sense to stay open,” Kunz said. Those who can afford it can help restaurants like Highway 61 Roadhouse by buying gift certificates.

To best ways to help locally owned restaurants survive is: use carryout, curbside and delivery options, buy gift certificates and donate to employee relief funds.Along with that be sure to tip the to-go staff big, buy gift certificates and donate to employee relief funds.

Make a fun memory by enjoying your carry-out in a unique way. Take your meal and enjoy it at a park where it’s allowed. The scenery combined with the food can help lift your spirits. I love to lunch at the Mississippi river overlook in Jefferson Barrack park, sitting inside my car.

While supporting your local eatery via takeout, consider serving it with a twist. Have a picnic in the living room or set the table with grandma’s china and linens for a date night dinner.

Another option is to do what some patrons at Grace Meat + Three is doing. Pay it forward. Donate meals back to the restaurant to feed anyone who needs them.

“It’s been amazing what’s happening, “said Grace Meat + Three co-owner Rick Bayless in a recent Tweet. “People are ordering our Grace Gives Plates (a meal that gives 15% to furloughed bartenders, serves or cooks) are asking us to donate those meals to layout restaurant workers. I’s amazing how people are loving one another in your time of need.”

Updates on Restaurants Offering Delivery

St. Louis Magazine is keeping an up to date list of Restaurants that are open and offering pick-up or delivery:

Here’s a short list of my favorite places, who metaphorically, chose to take the lemons they were handed to make lemonade.


Bissinger’s is offering a sweet deal. All online orders will receive a free bag of Grapefruit Gummy Pandas to help sweeten your day.

from our kitchen to your carBig Sky

Big Sky has begun a “Farm to Curbside Café” offering family style dinners featuring comfort foods such as grilled mushroom & beef meatloaf and rosemary and red wine braised pot roast. Pack to feed 4 – 6 people.

Robust Wine Shoppe Cafe

Robust Wine Shoppe Café has developed Pasta Meal Kits, which includes pasta, salad and crostini packed for 2 to 4. Also on the take out menu are vacuum packed and frozen items along with a kids menu.  Wine by the bottle is also available at Robust’s Wine-Ade wine stand.

The Crossing and Acero

The Crossing and Acero are offering Pasta Packs via curbside take-home. A cook at home concept offering pasta for two with chef made ragu, which will keep refrigerated for approximately four days.

Panera BreadSt. Louis Bread Company

St. Louis Bread Company in Affton has a worker stationed outside the door waiting for hungry drivers to pull up and give them their order. While they have online ordering or you can call in, The Affton store is taking it one more step in being there for you even if you don’t want to call or order online. Check the location near you to see what they are doing.

The Post in Fenton

The Post in Fenton is giving back to their hourly team who may have had their house cut short. On their Facebook page it says “Introducing our new  Curbside Pickup where 20% of all internal, non-delivery sales go back to our hourly team members!”

Kemoll’s Chop House in Westport Plaza

Another restauranteur who is helping his employees is Mark Cusumano, owner of Kemoll’s Chop House.

“During these ever changing and uncertain times for businesses and our staff I have decided to sell Gift certificates,” said Cusumano in a press release. “100% of the revenue generated will go to our longtime, loyal employees some of whom are still employed. With the restaurant going through this difficult challenge along with the rest of the world, to meet payroll without opening the restaurant is challenging at best. By purchasing these gift certificates you will be showing support for those who are with no working income. Rent, basic necessities, family cost and food will be a bit easier for those employees.

Protzel’s Deli

Protzels Deli in Clayton is offering Curbside pick up. Call them at (314) 7214445 to place your order.

King Edward’s Chicken and Fish

King Edward’s Chicken and Fish on Watson was closed Tuesday morning for some equipment maintenance, but re-opened again by 4:30. Their hours are: Mon – Sat  11:00am to 7:00pm.  Sun – 11:00am to 6:00pm

“We plan on keeping our regular schedule,” said Randy Shore, co-owner with his wife Gabrielle of King Edward’s. “Customers can come in or call into place orders. If they wish, we will gladly take it out to their car. They will need to call us when they arrive.”

Adriana’s On the Hill

Adriana’s on the Hill is open for takeout and curbside pickup. Also on the Hill,  Gioia’s Deli along with its Creve Coeur location offers curbside pick-up.

 LoRusso’s Cucina

 LoRusso’s Cucina, besides offering an undated its menu for delivery and carryout, has a pop-up lunch on Friday, which like its dinner service is available for takeout or delivery.


Al’s Restaurant, a downtown culinary landmark since 1925 that has been and remains a favorite haunt famous luminaries and sports figures, has joined the curbside carryout brigade of offering great meals and deals.

“After 95 years we have come full circle,” said Al’s owner, Pam Neal. “ My grandmother started the business with selling egg sandwiches from the back door. The kitchen back door (curbside) is open again for lunch and dinner.”

Call ahead to place an order, but not for egg sandwiches. Check out the online carryout menu and consider instead the Party at Home trays or the Special Night In, featuring filet mignon and lobster, Al’s Land & Sea with its decadent twice-baked potato.

Slyman Brothers Appliances

Slyman Brothers is not a restaurant but with the current situation more people are depending on their own stoves and ovens as they stay home and cook dinners as well as the refrigerators and freezers.

Slyman Brothers has a unique way you can shop local and still get any appliances you may need. Stay out of the big box stores and shop in the comfort of your home—with a sales person guiding you. With people buying meat and bread and freezing it, they may have a need for a freezer. In the midst of this if an appliance breaks down, the appliance store is doing what they can to help—despite being closed to the public

“We are only open for phone orders,” said Darlene Kassen, one of the owners. “The guys are in the stores but due to the rules, customers can’t come in the stores; but they can Facetime the sales guys if they want to look around the stores.”

So if you are wanting to check out an appliance, check out and call the store you want. You can talk to the salespeople and request a Facetime meeting.

“We have delivery guys just doing drop offs for people so they are not going into homes for their protection and the customers, said Kassen. “We have shortened our hours so the employees can get home to help their families. It’s a trying time but we are just doing what needs to be done in hopes it will go back to normal sooner than later.”

What about other businesses? Is there construction going on?

According to a note on the Carpenter’s Regional Council website,  “all forms of construction are considered essential activities and, therefore, the vast majority of construction projects may continue.”  It goes on to say, “Facilities that manufacture or distribute supplies or materials to the construction industry are also considered essential, and thus they too are largely exempt from the Orders’ restrictions. Employees in these sectors may continue to perform work, and may travel to and from work.”

Norrenberns Lumber and Hardware

If you need items from a hardware store or lumberyard during this time, Norrenberns is a locally-owned company that could sure use your business.

“We are open for business, just trying to limit face to face as much as possible,” said Patrick Bruce, one of the owners. “Customers can call ahead or call from the parking lot, give us their order, we’ll take payment over the phone and try to make it as ‘normal’ as possible.”

Norrenberns is located in Affton– hidden one street off of Tesson Ferry Rd. at 10500 Tesshire Drive St. Louis, MO 63123. Call 314-720-3591 to ask about what you are wanting to get. They will be happy to help you in any way.

Insurance Companies, Banks, Post Office

These essential offices are open but trying to abide by the rules. Most banks are just doing drive-through. For those needing inside help like lock-box, go to the drive-through and tell them what you need and they can help you from there. The postal offices are limiting the waiting in the lobby to 10 people with lines forming outside for additional patrons. Insurance companies are needed during this time also and are doing what they can to serve their customers.

“We are deeply saddened for the struggles people everywhere are facing,” said Mike Butz, owner of MB Health. “Please accept our prayers and wishes for as quick of a resolve to these days as possible. Anyone who needs help with enrollments or who has questions about other insurance issues our agency is here to help In the meantime, our offices will be OPEN and available to help, but we ask that you refrain from coming into our office out of respect for the requested government protocol and email us or call 314-603-9121

Crawford- Butz Insurance

During this time of uncertainty about loss of job or wages, many people are checking with their insurance agents– or getting new ones. Steve Butz and his family have been in business since 1961.

Crawford Butz Insurance is a full-service insurance agency for home, auto, life and business.

“We are open and pretty much not missing a beat,” said owner Steve Butz.  “We have a skeleton crew of five plus just one locked in at our Arnold office.  The lobby doors are locked with notices posted about how to communicate with us.  All methods are current and working except face to face.”

They are available online and by phone, 314-720-3591.

Hotels, Truck Stops and Other Travel-Related Places

As of now, people are free to travel in Missouri but it should be for essential business. There are already some hotels closing, including Embassy Suites in St. Charles, which suspended operations until further notice.

The Drury Hotels are still open and staff is working hard to provide extra cleanings and do all they can so the guests feel safe. For this reason they have closed their dining rooms, but the free hot breakfast is still available. They are still offering basically the same services in creative ways. Breakfast and 5:30 Kickback® will be offered in a grab-and-go format.  For those who have to travel, an established hotel you can trust like the Drury is even more important. And readers of always get a discount at any Drury Hotel just by using the promocode SPORTS. Just call:  800-DRURYINN (800-378-7946).

The larger truck stops are still open, but it’s a good idea any time you are getting gas to use either gloves or something else to avoid getting germs on the gas pump.

Pharmacies that Deliver

Neels Pharmacy

Neels Pharmacy in Crestwood, Mo. has always delivered. They have great customer service and are located at 8 Crestwood Executive Center, St. Louis, Missouri 63126.

Walmart has also started delivering .CLICK HERE for info.

 Things You Can Do And Still Keep the 6 Foot Social Distance

Lone Elk Park– provided you’re not in a hurry

Lone Elk Park has always been a treasure to the Greater St. Louis Area, and now it would be a perfect place to take the kids. You can drive through the park and see bison, elk, deer and other wildlife. There’s no charge and kids love it. Adults do too.

One of our readers tried going out to Lone Elk on a nice day and said, “The line to Lone Elk goes to 141. Jumped on 44 guess we will take a drive to Eureka.”

Drive around Downtown and Forest Park

Whether you have kids or adults, it’s fun to take a drive and really look at all the area has to offer.

Drive past the historic houses, go by the Old Courthouse, see the Arch and then drive to the Landing. Back in downtown there is Busch Stadium, Kiener Plaza and Union Station- While in front of Union Station look across the street at the water sculptures in Aloe Plaza at 1820 Market Street

Drive to Area Parks

Creve Coeur Lake 2143 Creve Coeur Mill Rd

Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

Unless you have been there you will be surprised to know there is a beautiful area “out In the country” just minutes from North County.

The Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is a 4,256-acre conservation area located on the south side of the Missouri River at its confluence with the Mississippi River.

Columbia Bottoms: 801 Strodtman Rd, St. Louis, MO 63138

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGCahokia Mounds

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is a treasure located in the Greater St. Louis Area. Within the 2,200-acre tract, located a few miles west of Collinsville, Illinois, lie the archaeological remnants of the central section of an ancient, prehistoric Native American civilization settlement that is today known as Cahokia.

Virtual Fun—Have fun in your own home

Ulysses S.Grant White Haven Site—Virtual Tours

The U.S. Grant site has a great idea. They are doing virtual tours.

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site is Modifying Operations to Implement Latest Health Guidance from the White House, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), and local and state authorities to promote social distancing.

As of Thursday, March 19th the park is closed but while the park’s facilities are closed, you can still interact with us through Facebook, Instagram, and our website at During this uncertain time, you can join them virtually for learning and fun.

Virtual museum-going: A guide for socially-distanced art lovers

CBS did a story with museums that are offering virtual tours. To see how you can click to a virtual museum tour: CLICK HERE

If you know of any Companies offering “Virtual” Experiences please let us know and we will mention them here.

Looking For a Job?

We have been hearing of people losing jobs or having hours cut during this tough time so we wanted to add some ideas here.

The Association of Electrical Contractors (AEC) has apprenticeships that are worth checking into. There are also some job listings posted on the Carpenters website.

schnucksDuring this time of people staying at home more people are ordering in so places like Schnucks,  Uber Eats and Instacart, the shopping service for Schnucks are hiring to help with deliveries. We noticed the Imo’s on Watson had a “hiring” sign up so check with pizza and other restaurants doing deliveries.

Dollar Tree is also hiring. For information: CLICK HERE

Walmart is hiring.CLICK HERE

If you know of anyone else who is hiring, please let us know so we can publicize it.

We are all in this together so if we can help through this outlet please let us know.

Silver Dollar City

Along with other amusement parks and Silver Dollar City is closed but country comfort food has always a treat to eat at Silver Dollar City and now you can cook something straight from the Ozarks. The delay of the season isn’t stopping  SDC from cooking up something special for its 60th anniversary. Until then, SDC cooks recommends cooking up a taste of the Ozark Mountains while sheltering in place. The park’s popular big skillet, succotash.

Silver Dollar City’s Famous Ozark Mountain Succotash

¼ cup olive oil, divided

½ cup  white onion, julienne sliced

1 cup green bell pepper, julienne sliced

1 cup whole kernel corn (Fresh or Frozen)

1 cup sliced yellow squash

½ pound chicken breast (cut fajita-style)

1 – 16-ounce package  frozen breaded okra

1 teaspoon  garlic powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon  pepper

In a large skillet sauté onions and peppers in 1 teaspoon of olive oil.  Remove from skillet.

Add corn and squash to skillet, cooking until soft. Remove from skillet into a separate bowl.

Add 1 teaspoon oil and chicken to skillet. Cook on medium heat until browned and cooked through.

Remove from skillet and reserve until later. Add remaining oil to pan with okra. Fry until golden brown, then add the salt, pepper and garlic. When okra is finished cooking, return all other vegetables and chicken to skillet, heating everything through. Serves 4

Some information in article supplied by staff.