was developed by Rob and Sally Rains and on the day we started the concept we came up with our motto and mission statement and have tried to live by them.

Any GOOD we can do with this site we’ll do it; any FUN we can have with it, we’ll do that too.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: We strive to…  Be the best sports site in STL; aim for excellence, report with integrity on sports and other topics of interest to our audience; appreciate our readers and inspire them to enjoy sports; promote charity whenever possible; always remembering this is our family business– and giving all glory to God.

OUR PLATFORM: Our online platform gives us the unique opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. We have several pages which can help:

 * 1) BEYOND SPORTS- This page is for people who have navigated a tough situation and gotten through it and want to help others. It is not just random articles with links– it is real people telling their own stories. We hope these articles can be of help to someone who is going through something. Always remember you are never alone. There are others out there who have gone through it and could possibly help.


   * 2) CHOOSE HAPPY- In 2019 Sally wrote a book called “Choose Happy; Find Contentment in Any Situation.” Who could have known what situations we would all be facing as 2020 brought the pandemic. We feel this book can be of comfort to anyone who reads it and would be a great gift.

Choose Happy; Find Contentment in Any Situation is full of stories about people who have gone through tough times and they survived. It is a book full of hope.

We wrote two versions: color and black and white. The reason for this is the colored version is very beautiful, but color printing is more expensive. We wanted it to be available to anyone who wants it.



Partial Color Version: CLICK HERE


If you need some inspiration help but cannot afford the book we would be glad to give you a copy. Contact us through the contact page.

Along with the book, we also created a “movement” called “Choose Happy: The Dream and Wonder Room.”

While Choose Happy was the title of the book, “The Dream and Wonder Room” came to Sally in a dream that it was a way for our charity Rainbows for Kids to survive the pandemic. Here we had all these families of children with compromised immune systems– who at various times were already wearing masks– but we were unable to provide the fun activities we normally did. For example in 2020 there were no in-person events as far as the Cardinals, Muny, movie theaters and other places we would hold events.  So one night she dreamt up the idea to create a room for individual, safe events– in her sister’s home, and eventually in the Rains home. She “dreamt” it. She “wondered” if it would work. And she took action — and it did work.  To see how we did parties and events for the families– one family at a time during COVID-19 CLICK HERE.

So after it became such a success for the families of children with cancer she realized there were so many others out there who had been quarantining by themselves with not a lot of personal interaction so she started doing outdoor speaker series, discussions and presentations which led to Zoom presentations when everything completely closed up.

Many friendships were made and the Zoom presentations continue. If you are interested in learning things during the pandemic, contact us through the contact page and put “Dream and Wonder Room” in the subject area. The Zooms range from history, to the movies and entertainment, to self-care. They even had a game night on Zoom.

We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and interact with others. The Dream and Wonder Room can be anywhere. It’s anywhere that people want to hep spread joy to others. During this time when things seem so bleak, don’t give up: Choose Happy.


   * 3) RAINBOWS FOR KIDS- Rainbows for Kids is the 501 (c)3 charity we started and have run for 21 years. Those who follow us may get sick of hearing about Rainbows for Kids but it is a cause near and dear to our hearts.

Our niece Anne got cancer when she was six years old and for the remaining four years of her life she worked with us as a volunteer at the parties as our family started Rainbows for Kids. It started out at Cardinal Glennon where she was being treated and now we serve children from the entire Greater St. Louis Area.

To find out more about Rainbows for Kids CLICK HERE. 

To DONATE to Rainbows for Kids: CLICK HERE.


Spreading Joy After the Pandemic

During the pandemic we did weekly quiz shows on our YOU TUBE channel to give people something to do and possibly even look forward to. We want to continue to encourage people to live positive lives. When you are going through a tough time, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.


So often the world of news and even sports is so negative. We choose to look for the good in life.

In reporting of sports we are journalists– we report what happened. But we don’t see the need to look for negative stories to boost our readership.  If you want to read negative speculation or gossip, our site is not for you, but if you want to read insightful features and articles by a 40- year journalist then we hope you will check out every morning.

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We believe in family, we love our country and appreciate everyone who works so hard every day to keep us safe whether it’s those in the service, first responders like the police and fire department as well as the hospital workers and teachers. We thank God for all of our blessings and we try to spread inspirational stories or promote charities or companies that are doing good.



Do you like our concept and what we stand for? We cover the sports in a journalistic manner, not concentrating on the negatives but rather just reporting it. We promote charity and helping people as well as shop local and support the local businesses. We know nothing would be possible without our faith in God.

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