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Why Advertise On A Website

*Advertising brings people together to introduce new products or services
The internet can do that in the click of a button—faster than any other medium.

*Internet advertising is what it is all coming to. We could say it’s the thing of the future, but in fact it’s exploding now—evidenced by the Suburban Journals recently switching to online only and the Post-Dispatch installing a “pay wall”.
*Internet advertising supports other forms of advertising and promotion.
You can’t fit a lot in a Yellow Pages ad and a television or radio ad comes and goes, but with the web you have a lasting promotion that can be seen at any time.
*Social media and internet marketing are the fastest growing forms of communication and your business is probably using them so advertise where others will see it.
*The internet is open 24-hours a day. The younger generation has grown up on the web and sadly, many do not even pick up a newspaper or a book, but they sure do check Twitter to see what’s happening and click on links to get to articles.
*Advertising on the internet is cost effective. No paper or studio –time is involved. 

Reasons to Advertise on StLSportsPage.com

*Instant Results. We cover the breaking news. It instantly goes out on Twitter, and Twitter followers see our link and click on it. Once they get to our site they see YOUR ad.

*Cost. We will design your ad if you want at no charge. We come up with promotions for your company and do the extras all at no charge.

*Sports fans by nature want to know more. Many are buying tickets or books online.
They are used to making credit card transactions. The rise of internet companies like Priceline.com and Travelocity illustrates how valuable internet advertising can be.

*Sports Fans tend to take action. They travel to games, they travel, they take their families. They will click on your link and go to your website.

Email Us to Request Our Advertising Proposal : stlsportspage@gmail.com

Rob Rains:

*A Respected Journalist You Can Trust.

*He treats StLSportsPage.com as a newspaper—not a blog. If there is breaking news you will see it on StLSportsPage.com.

*Author of more than 33 Books- with two books hitting the bookstands this spring.

*Gold Card Member of Baseball Writers Association of America and holds a vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame

*He’s positive, factual, and just talks sports.

*Journalism Degree.

*More than 30 years professional experience writing about sports.

*National experience: Helped launch USA Today’s Baseball Weekly, now Sports Weekly.

*Take advantage of our 15,000+ Twitter followers. We can tweet out your message. Contact us to find out how affordable advertising on StLSportsPage.com can be. Email: StLSportsPage@gmail.com


“Advertising with Rob Rains on his radio show, now on StLSportsPage.com has been a tremendous success for us. It was really awesome as I walked through my lobby and spoke with STL Fans who said “we heard about you through the radio show!” or getting calls for future dates from St. Louis and told, “I heard about you through their web site and they had a link right to your hotel.” Honestly, the best part about dealing with Rob Rains, is the personal attention! Cant wait to do business with you again!” — Liz Oliver, General Manager Homewood Suites, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“The Homewood Suites Palm Beach Gardens partnered for a second very successful year with Rains Media. Our hotel is so close to the stadium that we are a favorite among those fans coming down for Spring Training. I provided Rains Media with a link for booking ease and it was placed directly on their site. I cannot think of Spring Training without Rains Media, they help make my season what it is!” — Christie Netzel, Director of Sales, Homewood Suites Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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