Lynn Venhaus has been a movie critic for several decades having worked for such prestigious organizations as the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the Belleville News Democrat. She is currently heard on the radio and podcasts. For more information on Lynn Venhaus CLICK HERE.

Lynn VenhausLynn Venhaus is a long-time movie critic in the Greater St. Louis Area. She has spent 40 years writing for newspapers — news, features, sports, arts and entertainment, as well as culinary articles. She’s a freelance-writer and also written for public relations, website content, social media, speeches, and special projects.

Venhaus wrote for the Globe-Democrat before it’s demise in the 1980’s and since then has been active on the media scene. She is a University Lecturer at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Lynn Venhaus’ current involvement in the media:

* Entertainment (Movies, Live Theater, TV, etc.) Reviews and Entertainment Discussions on PopLifeSTL

* Movie Reviews and Features in the Belleville News-Democrat

* Movie Reviews in the Webster-Kirkwood Times

* Heard on KTRS after the 10 pm news on Thursdays with Ray Hartmann.

* Muny Reviews on KTRS And I review the Muny with Jennifer Blome and Wendy Weiss around 11 am day after opening night.

* Podcast about Entertainment. CLICK HERE