May is National Burger Month: Gloria Burger in honor of Blues Playoffs; Budweiser Burger Bar for Cardinals

By Suzanne Corbett, Food/Travel Editor

The Blues and Cardinals are both hungry for big wins this season. Fans are also  hungry for a win and have worked up an appetite. While hot dog and  nachos are good, fans are carving beef in honor of May being National Burger Month. The chefs at Busch Stadium and local restaurant chefs have taken notice. The result:  sports burgers designed to devour while cheering the Red Birds and the Blue Note in their Stanley Cup playoff battle.

Blues BurgerThe Blues play Sunday on the road and then the puck drops, at Enterprise Center on Tuesday so make a power play and score a Gloria Burger.   The winning hat trick of three patties topped with blue and yellow cheeses, fried pickle pucks and  decadent “Baconmir Taramayo”spread.  The Gloria is only found at Bailey’s Range, along with what Bailey’s chefs are calling a blown call – the Empty Net, a bun with nothing in the middle.  It won’t be on the menu long, and will disappear as soon as the ice melts at the rink.

The Cardinals are celebrating burgers throughout the season at its Budweiser Burger Bar it debuted this season.  On deck, a grand slam selection of craft burgers. Leading off the menu, The Bud Burger, combines two 4-ounce burgers covered with Budweiser laced pub cheese. It’s dressed with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and fitted with  Budweiser Kaiser Bun.

HillThe Bud BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger changes up the  Bud Burger with the addition of bacon and Budweiser infused BBQ sauce.  The third variation, is the Taste of the Hill Burger, another double draped with Provel cheese, marina sauce, garlic aioli, and it’s crowned with two toasted beef ravioli impaled on the top on the bun.

Fried piclke puckFinally, for those who want to share the joy, order up Little Buds.  Eight mini burgers with pickle, American cheese and garlic aioli on toasted Hawaiian Mini Buns, served with tater tots in a Home Plate box

All are  great burger choices, especially throughout May, National Burger Month.  Of course, some of the best burgers ever are grilled in your own backyard.

burger on grillSix tips to help make your backyard burgers winners with your fans

1: It’s all about the beef. Use good quality. I recommend a burger mix that’s 80/20  – 80 % lean to 20%  fat. Don’t be afraid of fat – it adds flavor and helps keep the burger moist.

2: The real secret to grilling moist juicy hamburgers is to let them cook undisturbed.  No mashing or poking, which results in dried out burgers.

3: Before your burgers hit the grate review safe handling methods. Prevent cross-contamination, wash hands, utensils, cutting boards and counters that contact raw meat.

4: For perfect grilled cheeseburgers,  stuff the  burgers. Place cheese in the middle of your  burger before grilling. Just wrap the meat around the cheese, shape and grill.

5: For food safely, the National Cattleman’s Beef Association promotes cooking burgers to an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

6: A final touch: Make that burger taste even better by toasting the bun. . Just brush with butter or oil and toast on the grill until lightly browned.

Bailey’s Range is located at 920 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63101.