Like Bounce Houses? Check Out the World’s Largest at Brookdale Farms

Brookdale scarecrowSt. Louisans know Brookdale Farms in Eureka as an event venue, pumpkin patch, corn maze and all-around fun place to go for families. They also raise horses–beautiful Percheron, Clydesdale and Belgian carriage horses– there.

On a nice, autumn Friday, families were gathered at the the farm participating in activities that are offered there. The open spaces offer ease in a kid-friendly environment.

Brookdale hoursBrookdale Farms is about 25 miles from St. Louis – in Eureka—off the 109 exit and offers hayrides and fall entertainment but this year they have added an attraction for a limited time only.

Just across the way from the Brookdale Farms events are a bunch of large “bounce houses” assembled together for what is being billed as the World’s Largest Bounce House.

inside bounceCheck out the World’s Largest Bounce House and do the following:

  • Race through the 900 ft long obstacle course, The Giant
  • Hit airSPACE! the galactic, multi-user inflatable slide
  • Listen to the DJ at night
  • carnival-type refreshment stand.

inflate largeThe large bounce house is open to the public this weekend (Oct. 4, 5 and 6) and next weekend (Oct. 11, 12 and 13)

There are different suggested times for the various age levels of children, but kids of all ages will enjoy flopping around the giant bounce house. As with most bounce houses you leave your shoes at the door and bounce in your socks.

DJ“As we say, sneakers off, party on!” said Manny Osoria, tour manager for Big Bounce America, shown right in the disc jockey area setting up for the opening day on Friday.  The times of operation are listed below.

A separate pass from the Brookdale Farms events is needed, even though they are all in the same area.

“We would love it if people who are at the Brookdale Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze checked us out,” said Osoria. “Come on over, you’ll have a bouncy time!”

Brookdale Farms is open Wednesday through Sunday now through the first of November.

Brookdale hayride“We have a corn maze and a hayride that takes you over to the pumpkin patch,” said Tracee Kirk who works there. “On Friday and Saturday nights it’s a haunted maze. You buy a pass and it’s all included, except the large bounce house, but it’s right here too.”

Fans who want to do both should come on the weekend. Big Bounce America takes the large conglomerate of bounce houses around the country.

“We started in March and will end the season Nov . 24th,” said Osaria.  “We were in Indianapolis and then Chicago before coming to St. Louis and after this we go to Florida.”

It take three large tractor trailers to transport the bounce house.

“The pieces roll up and are stored like a giant Pringles can on each truck.” He said. “Then when we get to our next town we take it off the truck and blow it all up. We have 60 blowers for the largest piece and then about 140 blowers total. The blowers stay on the whole time we are open.”



After the fall activities Brookdale Farms is planning a Christmas event.

For more information on Brookdale Farms CLICK HERE.

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