Circus Harmony Stirs up New Act– One You Can Take Home To Your Kitchen

By Suzanne Corbett, Food/Travel Editor


Circus Harmony is serving up its most appetizing, amusing, and accessible project yet with its newest project, The Circus Harmony Cookbook and Show.

Circus Harmony decided to take their show into the kitchen. The result has been a unique balancing act of food, fun and circus. The flying children of Circus Harmony are have combined their daring escapades with cooking to create a digital cookbook and videos that will feature favorite family recipes accompanied by some flipping, flying, and flinging! Each recipe is paired with an exciting circus act, which will will feature over 40 recipes.  Recipes you won’t have to stand on your head to master.

The Circus Harmony Cookbook & Show was born from the pandemic. A time when it has been hard for anyone to stay focused and motivation. According to Circus Harmony executive director and head chef Jessica Hentoff, when the students were asked what motivated them, there was a unanimous agreement that food. Also, during the pandemic, all the Circus Harmony families have been cooking more. Food became the catalyst to create a digital book where each recipe page will have an accompanying video.

I can’t wait to see what dish pairs best with contortion, juggling or a  trapeze. However, I have been given a peek and can report with that a taco can ride a unicycle.

Hentoff promises the project will prove to be its most appetizing and amusing show everThis creative, culinary accomplishment is due to be released online on March 16 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the St. Louis lockdown. For information on getting an online copy contact



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