How you can help St. Louis musicians and others involved in the live music industry whose livelihoods were affected by COVID-19

Updated and Editor’s note: The event is taped so you can still watch it and participate. It is incredibly interesting for anyone who loves live entertainment. It is like a documentary of a trip down memory lane for music lovers from St. Louis– full of celebrities. CLICK HERE

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When the pandemic hit, live music was one of the first things to be affected and seemingly could be one of the last to come back. Many people who love going to concerts or even the smaller concert venues have been missing the element of live music this past year.

Do you consider yourself an old rocker– and we don’t mean the kind they sell at garage sales? Did you listen to KSHE and  KADI  back in the day. If you love some Pink Floyd, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Mamma’s Pride, Sammy Hagar — then the  St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society (SLCRP) is for you. It is a great organization filled with St. Louis classic rock fans as well as the DJs and musicians themselves.

They have put together an online concert event called “Keep LIVE Alive St. Louis” and it will happen tonight online.  If you know of someone whose liveliehood has been affected by the pandemic, let them know about a grant they can apply for: .

The people behind the St. Lous Classic Rock Preservation Society have been raising money for others and now many of them need help. Like many charities or organizations, the SLCRPS is unable to hold big fundraisers so this will serve as an opportunity for fans of live music to help others. By making a donation, you will be helping some of those people most affected by being laid off, waiting and wanting to come back to work producing your favorite concerts and live entertainment events.

Shown in the photo are: DJ greats Radio Rich Dalton and Mark Klose with Rob Rains and Danny Liston of Mamma’s Pride. Liston and Klose will be involved with tonight’s presentation.

So you are invited:  Please contribute via the Donate tab as any amount large or small will help!

Come see SAMMY HAGARKEVIN CRONIN (REO SPEEDWAGON), PAT & DANNY LISTON (MAMA’S PRIDE), MICHAEL ‘SUPE’ GRANDA (OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS), STAN KIPPER (GYPSY, MINNIE RIPERTON, JAY FERGUSON), as well as local musicians LADY J HUSTONBELL DARRIS and ROLAND JOHNSON, comedians PAULA POUNDSTONEGREG WARREN and JOE MARLOTTI, and country recording artists LINDSAY ELL and ALEXANDRA KAY – plus special guests MARK KLOSELAUREN ‘LERN’ EWELL and FAVAZZ from KSHE-95. Joining them will be RIZZUTO and LUX from 105.7 The PointMASON & REMY and KASEY from 92.3 WIL with COURTNEY LANDRUM and DONNY FANDANGO from 106.5 The Arch – Plus many other special guests and performances!

It all begins on Friday, March 12 at 7:00 PM (CT). The organization asks music cans to  spread the word & follow them on Facebook by CLICKING HERE

You can watch it FREE either via the website or on our Facebook Event page

They are having auctions at   and have some great Cardinals items. In later weeks they will have even more both in the sports realm and music memorabilia.

DONATE: (via

If you can’t catch the broadcast tonight, it will be up on the site for the next six months as they continue to raise money for those in need as well as post new auctions and new raffle items and giveaway including a few very unique items they’ve been holding onto until now.

Finally, the organization  also wants to let fans know that if you donate $100 or more in total to KEEP LIVE ALIVE SAINT LOUIS or do so before March 31st, 2021,  you get a KSHE 95 KEEP LIVE ALIVE shirt and a Lifetime Membership in the Society.

The organization wishes to thank their sponsors: KSHE-95, 105.7 The Point, 92.3 WIL, 106.5 The Arch, Weber Chevrolet, and Ezra Brooks 99.

Rob Rains has been privileged to be a part of their Rock and Roll Trivia Night fundraisers in the past. They are unique  trivia events held in the fall, focused on St. Louis and St. Louis classic rock. The photo left, was taken at a Trivia Night and shows Rains talking with Michael “Supe” Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The SLCRP is a 501 (c)(3) charity and they raise money to donate to local St. Louis charities including Honor Flight.

The events are emceed by Classic Rock Society Hall of Famer Ron Stvens, shown with Rains, right. Each round is asked by a famous disc jockey or musician and there is a “Sports” round that Rains asked in past events.  While most questions are related to St. Louis classic rock, other presenters round out a group of St. Louisans who helped make great memories for those growing up in and around the St. Louis area.

There are a lot of people affected by the pandemic but the entertainment industry has really been hit hard. Check out their website for more information. CLICK HERE.

More about the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society:

The St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society was founded in January, 2016 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, by Randy Raley, John Sebben and Ron Stevens, but its story began well before that. Both Randy and John had been operating online radio stations for several years. The annual St. Louis Classic Rock Trivia Night fundraised for local charities since 2014 as well. Upon incorporation a, the Society was able to do more for local organizations, musicians and other individuals, and have assembled a great team to make KEEP LIVE ALIVE SAINT LOUIS a successful AND entertaining event.

Our team members listed below have been part of many of our events and efforts over the past five years including our Trivia Night and Hall of Fame inductions, archiving history, promoting local artists, documentaries and musical events.

The Society moved its home base to Crestwood, MO on November 7, 2017 and since then we have continued to grow. We now have nine commercial-free internet stations with over 46,000 unique tracks in combined rotaton. Last fall, our membership surpassed 300 individuals. And, we continue to seek out new ways to have events, even during Covid-19.

The Society’s mission – “to preserve, promote and honor St. Louis’ unique classic rock heritage and its place in music and pop culture history” – has never been stronger. The committment of our members to that cause, and to our local musicians and others in the entertainment field shows that.

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