What’s Going On With Tower Tee?

It’s been a while since golf fans have been able to play at Tower Tee, but that is about to change. Progress is being made with the new owners and the upcoming re-opening of the St. Louis icon golf course

What’s going on this week with the Tower Tee Golf and Recreation Center?

June 28, 2021 Update

We drove out to Tower Tee today so we could include some pictures of what is going on. The greens are coming along well and we’ve shown photos of that, but now we see they are working on the parking lot.
The Parking lot is in the same area as the original Tower Tee and the pavement was removed to re-do it.

They also appear to have more buildings than the original Tower Tee did. As you can see they have most of the structure up. There will be a pro-shop and if you follow their Facebook page you can find out about any job openings they have.




June 1, 2021 Update

Tower Tee’s Superintendent Kyle Moses has been hard at work on the greens and it’s looking more like a golf course.

To find out about updates and job openings: CLICK HERE






March 26, 2021  Original Story

It’s actually happening. They are working on the framing the main buildings and structures. The complex is really starting to take shape

The owners of Tower Tee now are Steve Walkenbach and Mike Shamia.  They are both born and raised local, Walkenbach grew up in Affton and attended DuBourg High School.  Shamia serves on the Lindbergh School Board.

The contractor is Tarlton with Joe Fredrick ia the Superintendent, and Bridget Fischer the Project Manager.

“This project is incredibly exciting for the Affton community,” said Fischer who graduated from Affton High School. “Tower Tee (has always been) a very loved attraction in the area.  Growing up in the area, I spent many summer days there.  To be able to be a part of the rebuild of this iconic attraction is such an honor.”

The owners are staying true to the iconic Tower Tee, but they are improving it, and more details will be coming out soon,

“We are currently framing the pro shop and will soon be installing the roof,” said Fischer. “We are continuing to install the patios and driving range structures.  Framing at the golf check-in building will also begin this week.”

Fischer has a lot going on as she just gave birth to her second child, a son, this week.  She thinks family and traditions will play a big part in the success of the golf course.

“I cannot wait to bring my little guys up to Tower Tee to play mini golf as I did so many times when I was young,” she said.

Generations of families played with their parents and soon they will be enjoying the same types of fun outdoor activities with their children or their grandchildren.

Seeing some of the holes and the grass growing on the course really drives it home that it is coming along. The owners are working to make this a new and improved version  Tower Tee.  They have added in some new pieces to make it an even more family friendly environment.

FGM is the architectural firm and. Paul Luzecky and Nick Beishir are the architects working on the project.

They have also set up a Facebook page: CLICK HERE

and a YouTube Page: CLICK HERE.

Tower Tee Golf and Recreational Center is looking at a summer 2021 opening, but STLSportsPage.com will keep you updates if there are any changes.

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