July21 is National Hot Dog Day and July is Hot Dog Month: Our Hot Dog Tribute

Updated Wed. July 21, 2021: the hot dog is really getting a lot of attention this July. The entire month is Hot Dog Month, and today (Wed. July 21) is National Hot Dog Day. Tip from Rob Rains: We have recently discovered hot dogs in the air fryer, They rival hot dogs on the grill so if you have an air fryer, check it out.  All-Recipes offers directions on how to do it. We have the Emeril’s Air Fryer and we cook the hot dogs for approx. 17 minutes. We like them to have some black on them so you should check on them to get them the way you like them. We also throw in some Green Giant Veggie Fries . Add a side-salad for for a quick, easy, and healthy meal.


Original article By Suzanne Corbett published July 2, 2021

July is National Hot Dog Month, it’s time to put the controversy to rest. What controversy you ask? The debate about whether the hot dog is a sandwich? My assessment, and the verdict of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC), is that it’s not a sandwich. Hot dogs are in a category all its own.

While some call it a sandwich, others consider the hot dog a stand along hand-held specialty as American as Apple Pie, which by the way, like the hot dog has German roots. But no matter, when the hot dog is fitted on a bun it breaks away from the sandwich pack. Think about it. A hot dog transcends itself and has inspired us. Hot dog is an exclamation of joy. As a verb it’s used to describes one showing off. It’s even made it as an emoji.

“The hot dog is truly in a category all its own. To call it “just” a sandwich is like calling the Dalai Lama just a guy,” said former NHDSC President Janet Riley.

To prove the Riley’s point, the NHDSC has a dozen examples

Why the term hog dog and sandwich are not interchangeable

1: If an athlete is showing off, you don’t call him a sandwich.

2: ESPN doesn’t broadcast the Nathan’s sandwich eating contest.

3: It just wouldn’t be the same to hear the ballpark vendor shout, “sandwich, get your sandwich here.”

4: Culinarily, you wouldn’t get rebuked for putting ketchup on a sandwich. Remember, ketchup on dogs is a sin, especially in Chicago.

5: No one ever sang about wishing they were a sandwich. Thank you, Oscar Mayer.

6: Babe Ruth (shown left chowing down on a hot dog) wasn’t sent to the hospital and rumored dead because he ate too many sandwiches.

This 4th of July Americans are estimated to 150 million hot dogs. Making July 4th the biggest day for hot dog consumption. A recent survey showed nearly 9 in 10 Americans believe there is no wrong time to eat a hot dog. I credit that to the fact there are so many ways to dress them up. I

I’m fond of the New York style (all-beef hot dog topped with steamed onions and a pale, deli-style yellow mustard), which is the most popular regional style, followed by the Chicago style (all-beef hot dog layered with yellow mustard, dark green relish, chopped raw onion, pickle spear, sport peppers, tomato slices and topped with a dash of celery salt and served in a poppy seed bun).

The third most popular regional style was the Michigan Coney, topped with a chili sauce, mustard and onion. Cardinal fans go for the classic all-beef dog with mustard, but don’t forget Chef Norman’s favorite, the Bacon-Wrapped Dog, wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon and topped with baked beans, pico de gallo, spicy aioli, and crispy fried onions.

“No matter how you top it, any hot dog is delicious,” said NHDSC current Hot Dog Top Dog Eric Mittenthal. “Well, except for with ketchup. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council etiquette guide says only children should eat their hot dogs with ketchup.”

Hot Dog Month comes out at a perfect time as it is in time for the Fourth of July– the day of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest as well as barbecues all over the country.





Rocket Hot Dogs Recipe

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 tube refrigerated bread stick dough
  • Hot dogs
  • Block cheese (any variety)
  • Skewers (soaked in water)
  • Curling ribbon

Skewer hot dog from top to bottom, running about an inch through the hot dog’s top. Make sure the skewers are soaked in water for 10 minutes in order to prevent burning in the oven.

Take a strip of bread stick dough and run the top of the skewer through one end of the strip.

Carefully wrap the dough around the hot dog.

Wrap the bottom of the dough around the stick. Repeat until desired number of Rocket Dogs have been prepared.

Place Rocket Dogs into preheated 375 degree oven for 10 minutes.

While Rocket Dogs are in the oven, slice block cheese of any variety into small triangles, one for each Rocket Dog. The Rada Cheese Knife is the best cheese knife of the market, with a unique design that ensures easy slicing of hard and soft cheeses.

When Rocket Dogs are baked, remove from oven. Stick a cheese triangle on top of the skewer, completing the rocket. If desired, tie curling ribbon to the bottom. Red, white, and blue ribbon give the Rocket Dogs an especially patriotic, enjoyable look.

Serve and enjoy your Rocket Hot Dogs at your next 4th of July or Memorial Day get-together.

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