Rob Rains’ thoughts on lockout situation on St. Louis Public Radio and West Palm Beach television

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Rob Rains is in Jupiter, Florida as the start of spring training is supposed to be getting underway but due to the lockout there is no baseball at the major league level. The players (MLBPA) and owners (MLB) are meeting every day this week for as long as it takes in hopes of trying to get a new agreement in place so they can start the regular season on time. Spring Training games have been pushed back a week due to the ongoing negotiations.

Bruce Meyer, the union’s chief negotiator, was in attendance at the Roger Dean discussions but baseball commissioner Rob Manfred was not present.

Since Rains has been covering baseball and specifically the Cardinals for more than 40 years his expertise is often sought by others and this week he was interviewed by NPR in St. Louis as well as WPTV, West Palm Beach television .

Radio Interview:

As the lockout goes on, fans are wondering if there will be a Spring Training and when the regular season will start. It is all just speculation at this point because it takes both sides to come to an agreement.

Right now, the only game in town in Jupiter is the chess game being played by MLB and MLBPA.

Wayne Pratt of St. Louis Public Radio interviewed Rains this week:

Pratt: Is there one issue that jumps out at you as the main sticking point?

Rains: The main thing that the players want is they want to find a way to get younger players more money earlier in their careers. Now, whether it’s through a bonus system, whether it’s through, doing something different with arbitration, or what…

To hear his interview on Public Radio in St. Louis, Mo. CLICK HERE


Television Interview:

Matt Sczesny, formerly of KMOV-TV in St. Louis, now works at WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida and he has been covering the goings on at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium.

Monday and Tuesday the two sides have met at the Spring Training home of the Cardinals and Mets and plans are to meet again on Wednesday.

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To watch Matt Sczesny’s report which includes interview with Rains, CLICK HERE.


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