Take-me-back Tuesday: 60 years since Stan Musial retired; hear Musial being interviewed by legendary broadcaster Jack Carney

The 2023 Cardinals season marks 60 years since Stan Musial retired from playing baseball. The Cardinals’ Hall of Famer played in the 1940’s, ‘50’s and then retired in 1963. Recently we heard an interview that Musial did with Jack Carney– that we want to share with you.  With both of them gone, it is great to be able to hear their voices.

Former KMOX newsman Ron Barber has started a labor of love with a special Facebook dedicated to the late broadcasting icon, Jack Carney, shown left, with all the great interviews he did over the years. For those too young to remember the Jack Carney Show playing every day in their parents (or their own) kitchen, if you like interviews with celebrities you should check out his site. To  go to the Jack Carney Facebook page: CLICK HERE.

Barber just informed us he added Part I of Jack’s amazing comedic tribute to baseball to the site.

“It was quite an effort to put it all together years ago, I’m sure,” he said. “I hope everyone checks it out:

Barber was a newscaster and his job was to give the local news every hour at six minutes past the hour. Carney realized he had a great chemistry with the newsman and soon he was calling Barber in to the studio in the middle of his show or keeping him late after he reported the news– and they began playing off each other and pulling pranks on each other.

“Jack was to me and remains the singular most talented broadcaster I have ever known. I loved him, and I believe the feeling was reciprocated. He became my surrogate dad. We had so much fun together. The world lost such a brilliant gift when he passed away at just age 52.”

Among the things Barber will always remember about Carney is how he always got the top interviews and though Carney had left St. Louis for a time and was in San Francisco, he had Stan Musial on the day after Musial announced his retirement from baseball.

“This interview that. Jack Carney did with Stan Musial, is just one of the many rare one-of-a-kind interviews Jack kept from his days working on the air at KSFO in San Francisco and then KMOX in St. Louis,” said Ron Barber.

To hear the interview, CLICK HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kusiqhHiICI

Barber said he felt Carney urging him on to start the site.

“It was one of Jack’s express wishes to me shortly before he passed that something positive happen to all of the great interviews,” Barber said. “It took me almost 40 years and a lot of cajoling, pleading and exhorting the St. Louis Public Library to allow me access to them. With John Carney’s intercession, we finally made it happen last year.”

Barber says he has digitized copies of Carney’s scrapbooks.

“His voluminous scrapbooks,” he said. “Also, I have included many of my reminiscences and historical background information on virtually everyone Jack interviewed to make it a unique, fun and learning experience for anyone who comes to visit.”

Barber hopes that by sharing the interview with Stan Musial, it will get people to check out the Carney Tribute Facebook page.

“I have also added absolutely one-of-a-kind photos I took when I was given access to Jack’s home several days before the public was allowed in for the estate sale. This site is my labor of love in Jack’s memory.”

If you like hearing old radio shows from The Jack Carney Show– join the webpage: Jack Carney: Tribute to a Broadcasting Genious

Photo credits: Stan Musial, St. Louis Cardinals; Jack Carney, Ron Barber collection


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