Cardinals will play 11 doubleheaders in new schedule, can reach 58 games if all are played

The fallout from all of the Cardinals games postponed because of the  COVID-10 outbreak on the team will result in the team playing 11 doubleheaders in the final 44 days of the season, beginning on Saturday against the White Sox in Chicago.

The schedule changes were announced by Major League Baseball on Friday and include doubleheaders against the Cubs on Monday and Wednesday of next week.

All of the doubleheaders will be scheduled as seven-inning games.

The other doubleheaders added to the schedule will be on Aug. 27 against the Pirates, a previous off day; Sept. 5 against the Cubs; Sept. 8 against the Twins; Sept. 14 and 16 against the Brewers; Sept. 18 against the Pirates and Sept. 25 against Milwaukee.

In the three doubleheaders against the Cubs the Cardinals will be the home team in each of the second games.

MLB also said that the doubleheader versus Detroit that was postponed from Thursday will be rescheduled at a later date. It’s possible those games won’t be played unless they are needed to break a tie in the standings at the end of the season.

The new schedule means the Cardinals will play 32 games in 27 days in September. They would play 58 games under the new schedule if the two games against the Tigers are not made up.

Here is new complete schedule:

Aug. 15 @ White Sox DH

Aug. 16 @White Sox

Aug. 17 @Cubs DH

Aug. 18 @Cubs

Aug. 19 @Cubs DH

Aug. 20 Reds

Aug. 21 Reds

Aug. 22 Reds

Aug. 23 Reds

Aug. 24 Royals

Aug. 25 Royals

Aug. 26 Royals

Aug. 27 Pirates DH

Aug 28 Indians

Aug. 29 Indians

Aug. 30 Indians

Aug. 31 @Reds

Sept. 1 @Reds

Sept. 2 @Reds

Sept. 3 day off

Sept. 4 @Cubs

Sept. 5 @Cubs DH

Sept. 6 @Cubs

Sept. 7 @Cubs

Sept. 8 Twins DH

Sept. 9 day off

Sept. 10 Tigers DH

Sept. 11 Reds

Sept. 12 Reds

Sept. 13 Reds

Sept. 14 @Brewers DH

Sept. 15 @Brewers

Sept. 16 @Brewers DH

Sept. 17 @Pirates

Sept. 18 @Pirates DH

Sept. 19 @Pirates

Sept. 20 @Pirates

Sept. 21 @Royals

Sept. 22 @Royals

Sept. 23 @Royals

Sept. 24 Brewers

Sept. 25 Brewers DH

Sept. 26 Brewers

Sept. 27 Brewers

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