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Fredbird has been a part of the St. Louis Cardinals culture since he was introduced on April 6, 1979. For all of those years– in rain or shine, cold or hot, Fredbird has been at Busch Stadium entertaining the fans. The stadiums have changed but he has always been there. No matter how old you are, when Fredbird comes near, you become like a kid and wanting your picture with him.

Fredbird was nominated for the Mascot Hall of Fame, a museum in Indiana – 1851 Front St, Whiting, IN 46394 and we hope he wins.

We liked the mission statement of the organization and we love Fredbird so join us in casting your vote.

Mission Statement for Mascot Hall of Fame

Through a one of a kind children’s museum learning environment that is equally rooted in S.T.E.A.M. educational principles and sport mascot entertainment, it is the mission of the Mascot Hall of Fame to educate, spark creativity, promote fun and engage in our communities while honoring our Mascot Hall of Fame Inductees.

Fredbird loves Charity

Ever since we started Rainbows for Kids in 2000, Fredbird has shown up for our events and spread his joy to the families.

The photo, right shows Fredbird at our Rainbows for Kids party in 2000. Ever since the charity started Fredbird has been a part of it. Fredbird is as much a part of the St. Louis community as any famous person or any of the red-jacket Cardinals Hall of Famers.

He is seen in parades, at special events and he even goes to visit kids at their schools or in the hospital. The kids in the hospital is where our love for this crazy, furry bird comes in. We have seen first-hand how much Fredbird means to the community. The kids and their parents alike get so excited when he shows up at a Rainbows for Kids event.

He will “pitch” in and do anything, whether it is help put facepaint on the children, or pitch to them in a baseball game as shown in the photo, left. In that photo, he is pitching a little whiffle ball game that was held on the patio at Cardinal Glennon.

In the early days of the charity, all of the events were held at Cardinal Glennon and there were arts and crafts, games, music, food, and of course Fredbird.

Each year we take the families to the Cardinals game and this year– like many others, he showed up as a surprise for the families. He spent time with every child and as you can see from the delight on their faces he means a lot to them.

In fact, over the years since Fredbird has played such a big part in Rainbows for Kids, many of the children feel like they know him– like he is a part of their life, a friend.

There is a lot of secrecy involved with Fredbird as not one sees him arrive. No one has ever seen the car he drives as he somehow disappears after the parties, without even saying good-bye.

We Love Fredbird

Over the 20 years that we have been associated with the institution of Fredbird, there have been two people who have been extremely valuable to both Fredbird and Rainbows for Kids. They have made sure he shows up and spends more time than he was scheduled for. Their generosity is what makes Fredbird Fredbird. It is for this reason  and because of thew two great people, we hope you will help vote him into the Hall of Fame.

Fredbird shows up at our All-Star Baseball games and even pitches to the kids. Even though his scheduled time for an event may be up, he will always stay until the end and help pass out trophies.

It means everything for the children to get to meet him and be around him.

This pretty much says it all– why Fredbird should be in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

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  • 17 gold-colored W’s in total to celebrate 17 straight dubs
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