Some of baseball’s new rules are being used in the Arizona Fall League; find out what they are

Are you familiar with some of the new rules that will be used in the major-leagues beginning next season? They are already being used now in the Arizona Fall League.

Here are the ones to look for:

Pitch clock

For the first time, MLB will have a pitch clock. It has been tried in the minors but it is happening now in the Fall League. The pitcher has 15 seconds to begin his motion if the bases are empty and 20 with baserunners. The batter must be ready to go within eight seconds of the start of the pitch clock. If either is late they are charged– the batter with a strike and the pitcher with a ball. There will also be a 30-second limit on mound visits and time between batters.

Larger bases

It was obvious to those looking, that the bases were larger in the Fall League games. For the 2023 season they will be 18 inches. In previous years the bases were 15 inches. The thinking behind this is it could help eliminate some injuries and perhaps lead to more stolen bases.

Abs balls-strikes challenge

 In this challenge system, the home-plate umpire calls balls and strikes in the traditional manner, but teams can appeal to the  robot ump on certain calls. Both teams start the game with three challenges. If a team challenges and wins, they keep the three challenges, if they are not right, they lose a challenge. The only person who can make the challenge is the batter, catcher or pitcher and it must be made immediately following the umpire’s call. No one in the dugout can make the challenges.

Banning the shift

In 2023 there will be no “shift” and banning the shift was also enforced at the Fall League. The infielders must have both field on the infield dirt when the pitcher is on the rubber. The rule also states that two infielders must be on either side of second base. In all these instances their feet must be entirely where they are supposed to be or they are in violation of the rule

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