Audio: Cardinals win: Oli Marmol, Paul Goldschmidt, Steven Matz, Brendan Donovan. 5-7-23

The Cardinals broke an eight-game losing streak to beat the Detroit Tigers 12-5 on Sunday.

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Oli Marmol


Paul Goldschmidt


Steven Matz


Brendan Donovan


He’s Back! 

Sunday the Cardinals finally won a game– just one day after an old friend visited Busch Stadium. Fans began sharing pics of a squirrel running onto the field during Saturday’s game. “Look who’s here!”

Cardinals fans wanting anything positive to cling on to in a dismal season immediately thought: Rally Squirrel.  Memories came back of when the squirrel ran across home plate at Busch Stadium during that  2011 National League Division Series and the Cardinals eventually won the World Series.

The magic did not completely work for the Cardinals that day but they actually won on Sunday — so maybe they needed Rally Squirrel along with some home runs and hits.

On Saturday, Mike Rains was sitting in his seats in section 158 when a squirrel ran right across his shoes and then headed for the field.

“I couldn’t believe I looked down and there was a squirrel on my feet!” he said.

“Rally Squirrel came out right as our first batter approached the plate in the seventh inning!!” said Nan McArthy, who took the photos. “Three appearances by the rally squirrel in one game That and the animal Wainwright was returning to us off the IL. I think it’s a good omen!”

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