Cyclists stop through the St. Louis Area on their “Race Across America”

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There is a group riding across the country with the message and goal of helping bring attention to human trafficking with the “Race Across America.” The ZOE RAAM team stopped through O’Fallon, Missouri, riding on Veterans Memorial Parkway

They are past  the halfway mark in the race that began in Oceanside, California, on Saturday, June 19, and will end in Annapolis, Maryland, on Friday, June 23.

“It is a race against time – these guys are go-go as soon as the race starts, 24 hours, non-stop,” said Clem Boyd, their spokesman. “These guys are really enjoying the pleasant temps is the crazy, good guys of the ZOE International cycling team competing in Race Across America

They are down a man as they travel. Jeff is actually part of an 8-man team. That team is now pressing on with Race Across America with 7 cyclists, while Jeff recuperates in Colorado Springs, CO, hospital.

The team made their way from Jefferson City  to the St. Louis Area, hugging the Missouri River until they hit the western suburbs. They made quick work of North County, and cut back south to West Alton and crossed the Mississippi River there.
They made great time through southern Illinois, pedaled through some rain and wind in Indiana, and crossed the border into Ohio this morning. They are thinking of their cycling brother, Jeff Conaway, who crashed in Colorado, but they are encouraged at his continued healing and recovery from a head injury and broken collarbone and scapula. From Ohio, it’s on to West Virginia and the Appalachian Mountains, several hours biking in Pennsylvania, then downhill to the Chesapeake Bay and the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland.  

The riders are more determined then ever to finish strong and well. They are one man down as seven cyclists are now doing the work of eight.

They’re pressing through physical pain, sleep deprivation, lots of emotions, and dealing with the fact that fellow ZOE RAAM cyclist Jeff Conaway crashed in Colorado. He is in stable condition with an excellent prognosis at a hospital in Colorado Springs. They cycled through incredible heat in the California and Arizona desserts, a grueling climb through the southern Rockies, and then hit the ground rolling yesterday through Kansas, where it was flat and fast and the skies were sunny. Regardless of the conditions, these guys are all committed to riding 24 hours, non-stop, which is an incredible challenge all by itself.

Their battle cry remains the same through every trial: It’s for the kids! Their freedom is the ZOE team’s fuel. Each rider is cycling for the thousands of children who are trapped in human trafficking. ZOE battles child trafficking in the U.S., Mexico, Thailand, Japan, and Australia through prevention, rescue, and restoration. All with a focus that the first need of every child (and adult) is to know their heavenly Father through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To see where the team is right now, check out the team tracker from RAAM:

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