Ending the Season on a High Note: Video of Frank Cusumano, Bob Ramsey, Rob Rains and fans looking ahead

We had a great group of Cardinals fans attend the party and they were treated to hot dogs, chips, a Cardinals gift plus Tower Tee gave out passes for a free bucket of balls on their driving range and a coin to use the batting cages.

Thanks to Mike Shamia of Tower Tee for sponsoring the event.

If you have not been to Tower Tee since they re-did it you should go. The current owners rescued it from becoming condos and builst a really family-friendly venue.

There is a playground right next to the outdoor patio where we held our party.

Check out their website for more information on all Tower Tee has to offer and the times they are open and any special announcements they may have: https://www.towertee.com/

If you are planning a small event you might consider checking them out that was a great place to have a party with the bar right there and also there is an indoor meeting room. The photo to the left shows the area before our party. The bocce courts are right there so it would be a great place for a family party or a corporate event.

Lots of stalls for hitting golf balls on the two-tiered driving range are the highlight of Tower Tee but they also have a putting area which is similar to putt-putt or mini-golf but you are really working on your putting.

We appreciate all the fans who came out to listen to Rob Rains and our special guests Frank Cusumano and  Bob Ramsey.

We will post a few of the photos from the event below.

To watch a portion of the discussion, click the video player below:

We appreciate that Keith Dodel of Gene-Del Printing did a “Live Stream” of the event and the video above is what he recorded.

Thank You To Our 2023 Sponsors:


Photos from the event:


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