Take the “Motte Challenge” and help fight cancer while getting a better sleep

The “Jason Motte Challenge” has been making its way around social media this weekend.

Jason Motte, challenge 1A video shows Motte encouraging fans  to visit the Jason Motte Foundation booth at the Winter Warm-Up and “take the challenge.”

Motte is standing on a bed and he leans back and falls on the mattress. It looks like he is in a bedroom– but he is actually in the charity’s booth at the Warm-Up.

Why is there a bed at the Motte Foundation booth? Motte challenge

Because Jason and his wife Caitlin have a unique partnership with the Nest and Wild Mattress Company. Along with the popular K-Cancer shirts they are selling at their booth on the fourth floor near the escalator, they are offering mattresses.

“We knew two of the owners, Josh and Nick who owned Blue Delta Jeans,” said Caitlin Motte. “We found out they also own Nest and Wild Mattresses and have these unique beds. Everything is made in America.  It’s a neat bed and it seemed like a good fit for our charity.”

Motte boothFans can stop by the booth and actually purchase the beds– which come in a manageable box and a portion of every Nest and Wild Mattress sold at the Winter Warm-Up goes directly to the Jason Motte Foundation.

“Our mission is to provide comfort and care where there is a need for those affected either directly or indirectly by cancers of all kinds,” say the owners.  “It’s our privilege  to help fight a battle that affects so many.  When we met the Mottes we felt it was a way for us to help. It’s all about giving back.”

Motte boxThe mattresses are vacuum-packed and rolled up. They can get so compact that they fit into the box shown in the photo, left.

We were able to see how easy they are to use. Merely open the box, undo the plastic and the mattress pops right out and suddenly there’s a bed. It is made of memory foam and Caitlin Motte showed us how comfortable they are– and obviously they are thick if her husband can fall down backwards on it and bounce.

The beds can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states– free of charge. They are so sure you will like the bed they can be returned within the first 99 days for a full refund.  They also have financing available.

The owners are using the phrase “Fighting cancer in your sleep” for the K-Cancer initiative.


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