Missing Baseball Talk? Rob Rains’ Zoom conversation with Cardinal fans

This week the rumors were flying about “what ifs” and “what do you thinks” about if Major League Baseball decided to come back, possibly as early as May with “no contact” and “social distancing” rules. Rob Rains got together with these knowledgable fans to talk about this and how everyone is dealing with no sports during this COVID-19.

What happened was a very interesting conversation as one panel member is the father of a call-up umpire and one is the father of a Cardinals minor league player.

Participants with Rob Rains included: STLSportsPage.com’s audio producer Mike Reeves; Brian Garner of Imperial, Mo.; Patty Wood of Washington, Mo.; Glenda and Bruce Wolfe of The Villages, Florida; Mark Miller of Fairfax Station, Va.; and Mark Burns calling in from his home in Australia. Reeves does the post-game interviews for STLSportsPage.com plus the Cardinals Rewind Show with Rains. The Wolfes run Cardinal Nation, a Cardinals fan club of more than 300 people in The Villages. Garner and Wood are big Cardinals fans who attend Spring Training and Patty had tickets to the London game. B.J. Rains even stopped by for a short while.

Take a listen and we hope this helps you feel connected to other Cardinals fans. We will be doing another one and it will be announced in the STLSportsPage.com newsletter. (To subscribe to the newsletter CLICK HERE.) Email us at STLSportsPage@gmail.com if you would like to participate in the next one.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Jeff Passan had Tweeted, “Major League Baseball and the MLBPA are focusing on a plan backed by federal health officials that could have players in training camps by May and games soon thereafter,” and Ken Rosenthal reported “Under a plan supported by three federal agencies, major leaguers would not sit bunched up together in a dugout but six feet away from each other in the stands, practicing social distancing.”

Major League Baseball issued the following statement Tuesday morning:

MLB Press Release

MLB has been actively considering numerous contingency plans that would allow play to commence once the public health situation has improved to the point that it is safe to do so.  While we have discussed the idea of staging games at one location as one potential option, we have not settled on that option or developed a detailed plan.  While we continue to interact regularly with governmental and public health officials, we have not sought or received approval of any plan from federal, state and local officials, or the Players Association.  The health and safety of our employees, players, fans and the public at large are paramount, and we are not ready at this time to endorse any particular format for staging games in light of the rapidly changing public health situation caused by the coronavirus.”


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