Cardinals Fan Spotlight: They followed the team to England

By Sally Tippett Rains

Fans in London:
We love spotlighting the fans and we found several groups who went to London. Here are a few photos of Cardinals  fans who were excited to be there. 

Beth Oziek took the photo shown left, of the Cardinals dugout and the stadium before the game. 

Judging from the shots on television, there seemed to be equally Cubs and Cardinals fans and most everyone at the stadium had a jersey or shirt for one of the two teams.

She took the photo below of a pregame ceremony.

They have a relative who lives there

Photo: from left to right: Traci Bushur, Alan Bushur, Vicki Sartori, and Kim Wertenberger

Vicki Sartori and her family jumped at the opportunity to see the Cardinals play in London.

“We started planning the trip as soon as they announced they were going to be hosting the Cards versus Cubs in London,” she said. “We came over here because my step-daughter Traci lives there in the borough of Battersea,” Lynn said. “We decided to make a trip out of it. We flew from St. Louis to New York City  to London.”

Make a trip out of it they did. Vicki, her sister Kim Wertenberger, and Vicki’s partner Alan Bushur, who has been a Cardinals season ticket holder for 35 years all went on the trip. Along with Alan’s daughter Traci, they spent their first day in London and then it was on to France.

“We saw all the hot spots in London (London Eye, Tower of London, Abbey Road, etc). We spent a week in France – it was great,” she said. “We were at London Stadium for the Saturday and Sunday games and then Monday is our last day of sightseeing.”

They were very happy they made the trip.

“Win or lose– although I prefer to win– it was a cool experience,” said Alan Bushur. “The Londoner’s are extremely nice.”


She thought the Cards were in luck when she found a Rally Squirrel

Cardinals fan Beth Oziek went to London for the series and got a kick out of it when she saw that giant squirrel shown above at Whitehall Park along the River Thames.  

Beth  is an usher at Busch Stadium as well as she works at Spring Training as a guard in the players parking lot.

“I had a great time!” she said.

She also took advantage of the time in England and saw the tourist attractions. She is shown, left at Stonehenge, the famous prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England.
“Sandy Fessenden and I arrived on Sat, June 17 and spent the week seeing London, Bath, Oxford and Stratford on Avon.  History is my passion so I also very much liked visiting Churchill’s Warrooms, left exactly like they were in 1945 when the war ended and they were no longer needed.
The photo, right, shows Beth and Sandy in the stadium.
“The trip was fabulous and ending with a Cardinal win on Sunday topped it off.”
Beth and Sandy were at both games and she knows it was worth the effort and expense for all the memories she made.
“Being at London Stadium for the games was a wonderful experience,” Beth said.”Everyone we met was very kind and always willing to help.
“We met many people from several different countries as we toured London.”
That seemed to be the theme from everyone we talked to: the people of England were very friendly and were glad to show off their country and to be hosting the MLB special series.

This Family Was Happy They Finally Got to Go

Olivia Pena and her family traveled to England. Her sister Gabriella “Gigi” Gasse took this picture as Adam Wainwright and Willson Contreras walked out to their positions. Hearts were so high and excitement through the open-aired non-existent roof. Unfortunately this was the Saturday game where things took a bad turn for Wainwright from the start. He brought out a saying he had used one before after a bad game.  “It was a perfect storm of horribleness.”
From L to R: Gigi Gassel, Holly Peña, Christopher Peña, and Olivia Peña.
“My family and I were supposed to come to London back in 2020 for the game but unfortunately Covid had the world on lockdown,” said Olivia. “Thankfully, three years later, we were able to go. It was a great experience even though, the Cardinals sadly lost the first game on Saturday.”
They also took advantage of how easy it is to travel to France.
“We first went to Paris, stayed there for several days, then took the Eurostar over to London for the game.”
The Eurostar is a high-speed train connecting the United Kingdom with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
From L to R: Olivia Pena, Gigi Gassel and Holly Pena.
“The trip was great!” Olivia said.  “I loved being able to spend time with my family but also learning the history of both Paris and London.”

They’re from the UK, but fell in love with the Cardinals while visiting the US

Our last family is not a group who traveled to London, but rather they are from England and became Cardinals fans when they traveled here.
Chris Booth and his dad, Colin Booth had one encounter with the team and they have been Cardinals fans ever since.
The photo, below, shows Chris Booth of the UK at a Cardinals game when he was visiting “the States” with his father.
“My dad and I live in the North of England and did a US road trip back in 2018,” he said. “When we got to St Louis we saw a game at Busch and fell in love.”
“The photo shown above was us at London Stadium back in 2019, when it was Yankees vs Red Sox,”  he said.  “We were repping the Cards.”
All of the fans came back with photos they took of themselves and of the Cardinals players in London Stadium. This was a photo Chris Booth took before the game.

We thank all these families for sharing their photos with us.

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